4 – 18 months

The time between 4 and 18 months in your child’s life is a period of great change and development. Your infant’s personality starts to emerge as his or her exploring becomes more independent. Every day brings a new experience for you and your child, moving from crawling to walking and from breast milk to new food.

In these months, you will begin to understand your child’s emerging personality and your child’s developing relationship with you.

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Here are some Free Programs for you and your family. We try to offer them as often as possible throughout the year. Check our back often to see when they are running.

  • 1234 Parents
    Expecting and new parents and caregivers of infants are invited to attend this FREE workshop. Join our discussion on becoming a parent, parenting styles, and how babies communicate including infant states of awareness, behaviours, and cues. Babies are born to tell you what they want. Knowing what your baby is telling you will make your job as a parent easier.
  • Baby Boot Camp
    Expecting and new parents and caregivers of infants are invited to attend this FREE hands-on workshop to learn and participate in activities related to newborn care and safety. Topics include: car seats, crib and sleep safety, why babies cry, immunizations, how to tell when your baby is sick, and product safety and recalls. You will have the chance to do hands-on learning activities related to bathing and diapering.
    In addition, you will learn infant CPR and receive a CPR kit that includes a mini baby to take home and practice your skills.
  • Nobody's Perfect Parenting
    A six week class for parents of children 0-6 years. We focus on health, safety, development and behaviour.
  • Music and Movement
    Come join us for some activities that will get you up and moving!
  • Mother Goose & Books Too!
    A 4 week program for parents and babies up to 12 months with rhymes, songs and stories.
  • Baby Play & Learn
    FREE drop-in programs where parents and their children come to visit others, play, and learn along the way! Open play time, crafts, stories, songs, and more!
  • Babes & Books
    A reading program for parents and babies (0-9 months/non-walkers). Learn and share songs, rhymes, finger plays and books.
  • Baby Weigh-In
    A Public Health Nurse will weigh your baby and answer your questions about your baby’s or child’s growth and development.
  • As Parent & Baby Grow
    A group for new moms and their babies. Share questions and concerns with others.
  • Learning & Language Activities from A-Z
    Learning can happen anywhere! Free books, activities and more to take home and put into practice.
  • Speech & Language Tips
    Come and hang out with a Speech Language Pathologist and learn ways to help your child communicate.
  • Routines: From Stress to Structure
    Join a public health nurse and others to learn about the importance of routines and how to build them with your child.
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