Generation Squeeze

The video provides an understanding as to why our families who are 45 years and younger are under so much stress.


Professional Education Courses

The Best Start Professional Education Committee is pleased to present this winter/spring’s exciting line-up of learning opportunities. Click above to view our latest courses and use the registration button on the flyer or Click Here to register yourself or your staff.

Ooey Gooey Lady Videos

Ooey Gooey, Inc. is dedicated to the creation of child-centered, hands-on, play-based environments for young children and provides workshops, training, technical support and curriculum resources to those who wish the same. Click above to access the videos.

Think, Feel, Act -Lessons from research about young children

To support educators working in early years settings in their continuous professional learning, the Ministry worked with leading experts in the early childhood field to develop the following thought-provoking resources. Click above to access the research briefs.

Book Reading Checklist for Educators

The road to literacy starts long before children being to read and write on their own. As an educator, you play a key role in building the “emergent literacy skills” that prepare young children for success in school: oral language, vocabulary, story comprehension, print knowledge, and sound awareness. The Hanen Centre developed this book reading checklist to help you take a look at how you’ve been sharing books with children and what other things you might do to maximize children’s learning.

Click above to access the information.


The Rourke Baby Record

The Rourke Baby Record (RBR) is an evidence-based health supervision guide for primary healthcare practitioners of children in the first five years of life. Click above to access the website.